Pictures from Yvonne Nelson’s wedding with Banky W


 Yvonne Nelson and Banking W Did their secret wedding yesterday, she posted the picture by herself not long ago, Praiz, waje Lynxxx and more were present at the wedding, check out the pictures from the wedding and her tweet to confirm after the cut..







He asked me…yes or no yvonne??…..I said Yessss!!!! And we got married last night. Hehehehe

41 thoughts on “Pictures from Yvonne Nelson’s wedding with Banky W

  1. If I hear sai dem do weddin mke I faint,mai atafo”the dream wedding do turn sercet weddin abi….hmmmm tiwa y u dey dcieve us lyk dis #wink

  2. Nothing to show that they did wedding. I did not see when banky was fixing ring on her hand . No wedding gane to show it happing truly.

  3. can’t u read? This is actually a scene where Yvonne Nelson Plays Banky W’s Wife At Mai Atafo’s ‘The Grandeur Collection – Dream Wedding’ Launch

  4. Am sooo sure dis wedding can’t be true, Tiwa plssss stop the lies, nd give us the full gist ok. Coz u’re rlly gettin us confused here.thank u

  5. Yvonne your a bitch leave nigerian boys alone oooo,,,cnt belive she’s married to banky sha,,banky ur too cute for that!

  6. Tiwa u can lie self ….check out this site and u will see is not a wedding…

  7. Illiteracy is still a disease in Nigeria….Are u too blind to read that it was play-acted???!!!! Gosh!!!!!

  8. May God help Naija!!! Graduates and undergraduate can’t read and comprehend “simple” English… If this was a job interview, all what they will be sayin is “them no take me! Them no take me”

  9. I notice smtin abt ppl dat comment.. Dey r of 3 categories
    1. Those who reads n unaderstand
    2. Those who reads n dont undastnd
    3. Those who reads n undastnds it upside down *makin it seem as if dey didnt read d post atall*

    SMH … I dont knw if u guys went to pry sch oo… Chai. Simple english.. Una wan finish una sef..mtchweew…9ja..full of characters n interpriters

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