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ASUU strike called off

(PHOTO) 23-Year Old Nigerian man Weds 73 year Old Oyinbo Granny In Lagos
Funny Video : Kukere Remix By Mr Ibu


Congratulation to all universities student,just about an hour ago ASUU chairman broke the annoucement,which is considered the big one for all universities student.After calling off the strike,the media went ahead to ask,if the federal government has met the demands of ASUU.

Out of dismay,the ASUU chairman shook his head and said,he was disappointed with the media more than he his to the FG,saying the media formed a deaf ear to the strike,that an average Nigeria does not know that universities are on strike,he went ahead to say when a student inform someone that his school has been on strike,they all would say,oh….we no even know,uhna done suffer.

After expressing his anger he went ahead to say,actually the jonathan led government is doing nothing concerning our demands,even after a closed door meeting with the education minister,were the president said he has so many issues to deal with now than to start spending more money on the so called universities,but just after the meeting,the chairman of the newly formed party ACP called the chairman of ASUU to a meeting with ACN,CPC,AFGAN governor,who promised ASUU that they would give ear to ASUU demand and will do more,one of which every student will be given a bursary award which is to cover 50% of every student fee,that is,for spending 5 years in the universities,2 years fee would be paid by FG,and every student who graduates with first class,would stand a chance to do their master in canada,while those with lower credit,n pass would continue their study in south African and Ghana respectively,also salary of VCs would be increased by 90%.After this meeting,the ASUU chairman called off the strike asking all student to resume at their various school on the first week of June 2015, that about 2 years time,of course after voting in ACP.

Its so sad that you sat down and read all these poo, that means you are as jobless as me.mehn go find work, this strike would last more than we thought.

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(PHOTO) 23-Year Old Nigerian man Weds 73 year Old Oyinbo Granny In Lagos
Funny Video : Kukere Remix By Mr Ibu

112 thoughts on “ASUU strike called off

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hehehehehe.. God punish You First.. That waz Crazy

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Not funny Oo!!!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Lol…….so hilarious,

  4. Anonymous on said:

    LoL………..so hilarious

  5. Sooo hilarious, I actually took my time to read the whole thing, thank God I didn’t got carried away by the headline…….Can’t wait to in sch biko.

  6. Elor Mario on said:

    tiwasblog Una father well well, lol! u guys got me!

  7. Nobody on said:

    you are just a jobbless fool raising the hopes like that….grow up and be useful and stop acting like a child

  8. Anonymous on said:

    Kaii.. Dis is crazy..

  9. Shuga Jay on said:

    Lolz.. Dat wasn’t funny 1 bit but u actually got me.. Itx not nyc puttyn students on a high jump naw…

  10. hhahahahahaha, real jobless fellows on said:

    Real jobless fellows, hahahahahaha

  11. Gumps on said:

    Jobless Nigerians looool

  12. Na wa for una self, I took mytime reading it hoping it was sth serious.

  13. zanny on said:

    gosh.. see wat joblessness has caused.. i actually sat down to read all dat… chai!… cool.. u got me real good… hahahhaha

  14. Anonymous on said:

    God punish u daniska

  15. Mustapha S on said:

    Kai! U get prblm 4 head

  16. thompson samuel on said:

    Lies joor….. ASUU neva call off d strike

  17. Anonymous on said:

    Na waooooo, am mute

  18. Anonymous on said:

    Am mute

  19. Anonymous on said:

    OMG!! Wwhy pulling my legs??

  20. Temitope on said:

    Yeh!!! I don dey shout around campus say make pple wey dey go home come back o. Unna crazy 4 getting me & my room mates.

  21. Anonymous on said:

    Stop misleading people with false information. I read d headline n thought it’s true. Thank God I read it in detail b4 spreading d news. Pls don’t try dis next time or u will b sued

  22. Anonymous on said:

    Follow me on twitter. I follow back @slimsauce

  23. Anonymous on said:

    Fuck you!

  24. Anonymous on said:

    Dude u are whack!

  25. Maureen charisangel nosa on said:

    This is an expensive jok just stop jor

  26. º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) ♈☺ů mumu sha ₪a̶̲̥̅̊ dis 1 ♈☺ů wan take me money abi ₪a̶̲̥̅̊ insult ♈☺ů 1 just receive mumu go do g…….wasala.

  27. Anonymous on said:

    lmao nice one

  28. Anonymous on said:


  29. somebody on said:

    U r d jobless pesin here, u sat down 2 compose dis rubbish! Nt nice @ all

    • Blessing on said:

      U ar more jobless dan d writer ….instead of lukin 4 job u ar here readin al d fake stories instead of Original….wen wil u n Nigeria change?

  30. Anonymous on said:

    But guy U̶̲̥̅̊ º°˚˚°ºoo tryº°˚˚°ºoo U̶̲̥̅̊ really got me

  31. dannie on said:

    tchewwww dx iz so nat funny….. #piseed

  32. Anonymous on said:

    My happiness be say u know say u dey jobless….. So go find work

  33. Eyaaa pity u jobless writer, mind wat u say let ur mouth nt put u in trouble.

  34. miss on said:

    Ur so jobless gush

  35. Anonymous on said:

    Lmaoo. Thunder fire una.

  36. Anonymous on said:

    On a serious any information about the strike

  37. chris on said:

    Ĩ̷̊ ₪☺Я blame U̶̲̥̅̊ ₪a̶̲̥̅̊ †ђε 
    _______ (=D
    _ _//…iIIi….\\____ \
    I–————––”  W̶̲̥̅̊ђε̲̣̣̣̥π Bring U̶̲̥̅̊ ƒσя village Ĩ̷̊ blAme

  38. u dn mad o, na pple u dey cari play so o on said:

    U dn dey mad o, na plenty pple u dey cari play lyk dis, craze dey wari u.

  39. niggermike on said:

    Tank God I did not send d link to my gal cox I waz kinda hapi hahahaha but d strike make sense sha small

  40. Anonymous on said:

    u na father

  41. Peter Gabriel. on said:


  42. Dare on said:


  43. Anonymous on said:

    U be mumu and u called ur self blogger? U don’t use such thing to joke don’t make me close ur blog rubbish

  44. The moment I began to see double barrel grammatical blunders like ‘universities student’ ‘were’ ‘he his’ ‘formed deaf ear’ ‘broke announcement’…and many more, I knew it was the work of a junkie. Pele, God is ur strength ehn..u might want to consider going to the university though; at least to improve on your writing skills. That’s of course when ‘universities resume’ #gbam

  45. @richiefisayo on said:

    this aint funny, but u got it there, atleast more ppl visited ur blog today. its ur record cum achievement. Kudossss

  46. Y guys vex like ds.am sure u smiled wn u were taken.aw kould u even believe such frm beginin.asuu dn strike one week before for ur life on said:

    Y were u guys angry.ever since asuu deh strike deh dn strike on week before? Aw kould u believe such blame urself for dt o.u sha laffed wn u read d tn finish

  47. Anonymous on said:

    Y were u guys angry.ever since asuu deh strike deh dn strike on week before? Aw kould u believe such blame urself for dt o.u sha laffed wn u read d tn finish

  48. Anonymous on said:

    O boy eeeeee !I don die!shuuuuuu? Thank God self na lie #dancing alingo#

  49. mehn u are So stupid by posting this kind of rubbish. And by deceiving everyone makes you crazy

  50. Anonymous on said:

    Wow you got me that was reaLly creative good work

  51. Anonymous on said:

    guy u rilly fucked up oo anyways u try shaa bcs u got me der

  52. guy u rilly fucked up oo anyways u try shaa bcs u got me der

  53. Anonymous on said:

    i can Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ d̶̲̥̅̊α̲̅τ̲̅ U̶̲̥̅̊ r jobless truly. 1st class mumu. mtsheeeeeew

  54. ananymouse on said:

    Ur reasonin z so absurd,go tell ur English teacher u r nt hs student.I dnt fink u r a student of any universities.if u ask to summarise ur lecture note nw ,u wil fumble n copy ur seats mates own nd hs name.low life dat z wat u r.

  55. hey guys this is not anywhere close to being funny ok ? all the same we pray they will call up soon.

  56. Marvellous on said:

    Hahahahaha, ur joke don too crack my ribx sotay i come dey hungry hahahahahaha, i just hope they never call it off

  57. Anonymous on said:

    oloshii ni ee ooooo

  58. Nigger, you got me…………………seriously !!!!!

  59. What the fuck is this now Abegiiii Home don tire me Ooo…..All uni student wey house don tire make dem cross to private uni and continue using their matric numba

  60. its not funny.this blogger shud improve her dictions abeg…..the strike shud go on ja re..#dancingAlingo

  61. Gush..........which kind joke b dis, e dey so expensive ooooh, all d same dancing aznoto! on said:

    Gush……….which kind joke b dis, e dey so expensive ooooh, all d same dancing aznoto!

  62. now u callin peepz readin ur blog jobless, there are some issues dat shouldn’t be used for joke…

  63. We tired of stayin at home. Asuu

  64. francis on said:

    shay na lik dis we go dey dey? dem tel us dat year say if we graduate dem go buy us car(once upon a time). now everything don dabaru. d hardship is unbearable, corruption seems unstopable . wich kind life we dey even dey live for naija sef?

  65. Abdulrahman on said:

    Woww!u sure got pls stop it,

  66. Na ogun go just kill u,wentin u use dis one take mean,comon here jare

  67. Dis is d 3rd time i am seein dis news n d 3 site or blog. Xactly d same news. 1st I saw in on 9jaonpoint, nxt on a radio news on FB, n den here. Lord av mercy.

  68. Anonymous on said:

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  69. U’re some how funy indeed.

  70. Anonymous on said:

    na wa o. was readin the thing wd hope oooooooooooo see as this bloodclaat idiat made me waste some precious mins

  71. Drizzydave on said:

    Ntin Concern Me Weda Dem Kal D Strike Off Or Not! Uni Student Go Die 4 House Ni, Infact 2015 Too Near, Asuu Suppose Postpone Resumption Til January 1,2020.. By Dat Tym Me I Go Dn Marry Get Gud Job Nd Pikin. As 4 Me, Na Private University I Dae O Nd Strike No Dae Affect Me.

  72. Anonymous on said:

    Una dey mad

  73. dada sola on said:

    dats fuck

  74. Anonymous on said:

    First of all make thunder fire ur local govt chairman becos im contribute to ur sufferty,secondly i begin dey laff na yeye people dey rule we country so i no go dey surprise say Di strike enter 2020

  75. God knows on said:

    i dan dey grow beared 4 auz o…

  76. Lol….una funny sha….abeg pple wey don reach to marry, mk dem marry oo so dat wen dey call off d strike, dem no go loose….strike continue.

  77. @UCDAMAGER on said:

    Lots of grammaticals errors, d strike is effectin u real bad, u just nid 2 go back 2 skull

  78. guy… U don craze o!
    Thunda Fire You, Fire ya Head!

  79. Anonymous on said:


  80. Anonymous on said:

    U no wel

  81. @Tims_Tbag on said:

    Fuck u guys got me…i almost call my dad jst now 2 inform him…e no easy.

  82. Chika fidelis on said:

    I no blame u, na ua papa wey pay ua skull fees i dey blame. thunder fire ua nose, oleshi

  83. J.E.S.U.S i go carried away by dis oooo.God am tired of stayin at home oo.I miss my lectures,frnds nd my hapi pple.Asuu Abeg oooo

  84. Anonymous on said:

    God punish u see the way you raise my hope.

  85. Lolade on said:

    Fuck u

  86. Anonymous on said:

    this is a serious matter that we should nt loke wit bt look at hw pple are making mouck of our future…too bad

  87. u dey crazy.u knw u jobles animal.u better go farm and go work.

  88. Abiodun olukotun on said:

    This ain funny @ all, if u re this creative why not use ur creativity to bring d govt down to settle d strike issh instead of pullin our legs 4 nofin, go get ur self some brain coz ur brain ain wrkn @ all. No beef just a real fact

  89. Anonymous on said:

    choi,u gt me……tenk God av nt anöunce it oo

  90. Anonymous on said:

    is only God wil ponish dis stupid pple calin demsef FG,4 makin us sufer since 2 month ago

  91. 9Ice work boy…..atleast ur nt jobless nw………..u got 1 already daz pullin pples leg

  92. Niceguy on said:

    Ur brain is licking

  93. it seems u dnt know what too do with this blog again abi? u ve joined the clque of fake story tellers…..same thing i had on 93.7 nigeriainfo yesterday

  94. Vickson on said:

    U are truly jobless. The lord is your strength!!!

  95. Anonymous on said:


  96. Anonymous on said:


  97. i see the truth

  98. Anonymous on said:

    Lol this is not funny @ all pls dnt joke in a thin like this

  99. Screw u, u nearly freaked me out!

  100. Anonymous on said:

    this is as the result of strike; u try

  101. Even as na nonsense, na him pple read wel wel.Students, mak we go fast & pray bcos opposition paties dan da use ASSU mak den poil our future.

  102. Anonymous on said:

    Dat one na for dream oooo

  103. homie/chikito, ur FADA! why would u do this to me

  104. Latestypos on said:

    Una try o but e no make sense.

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